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The island of Paros, part of the Cyclades island group, is served by the New Paros Airport. This island is always worth visiting because it blends traditional Cycladic architecture, vibrant nightlife, magical beaches, charming rural villages, and historical monuments.

Passengers flying into New Paros Airport can be sure of a comfortable and quick arrival thanks to the terminal services offered by the airport. Once you've completed the required security checks and left the aircraft, grab your luggage. It would help if you had a passport, a visa, and an ID card to enter Paros.

If your child travels with you, be ready to show a valid passport or ID card. To avoid any delays or inconveniences, kindly plan your visit in advance. As you book your flights online with your airline, ask for assistance entering the terminal.

The arrivals hall is where you'll find rental counters. If you choose to utilize a rental car to get from PAS to your final destination, it is advised to reserve one well in advance for greater peace of mind.

Renting a car at the airport is an excellent idea because the rates are great, making traveling to well-known tourist attractions easier.

Near the exit from the arrivals area, the taxi stand is in front of the airport terminal building. The only cabs that go to and from New Paros Airport are grey or black cars with a yellow rooftop taxi sign. Taxis have always been the most affordable and practical way to get from PAS to Parikia or any other place in Paros.

Bus services for the general public, like PAROS K.T.E.L. S.A., transport between the airport and the nation's capital. They are only reachable from the airport four times per day. A one-way bus ticket to Parikia costs €3 and takes 20 minutes to travel. You can get to Parikia, Pounda, and many other important locations on the island.

It is unfortunate that New Paros Airport currently lacks a rail system. On mainland of Greece, trains are a standard mode of transportation. On Greek islands, including the one where Paros is situated, they are uncommon, though.

Greece Railway Network

The Greek train organization OSE provides service to the Greek railway network. Greece's primary rail lines are Athens-Thessaloniki, Athens-Patra (served by Proastiakos trains until Kiato), Athens-Thessaloniki-Alexandroupoli (Dikaia), Athens-Thessaloniki-Florina, and Athens-Thessaloniki-Kalambaka (Meteora). Much work has been done recently to upgrade the rail network and speed up Greece's trains. Be aware that an Intercity Train runs the Athens-Thessaloniki route in 4 hours instead of the regular train's 6 hours.

Port near New Paros Airport

One of the most well-liked tourist attractions is the island of Paros. The island is situated in the center of the Aegean and belongs to the Cyclades. It covers a region of 197 km2. In 2001, 12800 people were living there. Paros is well-known for windsurfers worldwide and has several stunning sandy beaches with clear waters and seaside tavernas and bars.

Parikia is the name of Paros's capital. On the island's far North, the village of Naoussa is also very well-liked and gorgeous. The sister island of Paros, Antiparos, is located very close in the southwest and is well-known, particularly for its stunning natural surroundings. From the tiny port of Pounda, there are small local ferries almost every hour to Antiparos.

Parikia is Paros' principal port. From there, all ferries depart and arrive. Additionally, there are two auxiliary ports from which only regional boats sail.

Greek Tourist Police can be reached in Mykonos at +30 22890 22482, while the Paros Port Authority can be reached at +30 22840 21240.

Here are some of the ferry schedules at the port:

Ferry from Piraeus to Paros

  • Catamarans & Hydrofoils travel is three and a half hours.
  • Conventional ferry travel is four and a half hours to seven hours.

Ferry from Rafina to Paros

  • Catamarans & Hydrofoils travel is three hours to four and half hours
  • Paros ferries schedule announcement

Four ferry schedule seasons are available:

  • The winter ferry season runs from November 1 through March 31.
  • The spring ferry season runs from April 1 to June 1.
  • June through mid-September is the start of the summer ferry season.
  • Fall ferry season runs from September 1 to October 31.

Most shipping companies typically release schedules and connections for domestic routes like those to Paros a few weeks before the start of each season. However, some exceptions exist, such as Blue Star Ferries, which releases its schedules at the beginning of the year.

Prices are given as a guide for economy class on the busiest routes. The prices remain the same, but they could change anytime without warning. However, hydrofoils and catamarans typically only run from May to October.

Paros Ferry Routes

Conventional ferry


Piraeus in Athens - Paros ferries

Starts at €35.00 per adult

Starts at €50.00 per adult

Rafina in Athens - Paros ferries


Starts at €49.00 per adult

Cyclades - Paros ferries


Santorini - Paros ferry

Starts at €22.00 per adult

Starts at €50.00 per adult

Mykonos - Paros ferry

Starts at €8.00 per adult

Starts at €37.00 per adult