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New Paros Airport Transfers

Only 11.1 kilometers separate the city's center from New Paros Airport. The transportation network connects the city's center, the neighborhood, popular tourist destinations, and urban centers.

There are a few public transportation options at the New Paros Airport to get to the heart of Paros. The trip typically takes 20 minutes to complete by car.

Taxis are a different type of public transportation. Only deal with taxi drivers who offer services from locations other than the terminal's designated taxi rank by only hailing a cab. Less than 12 minutes are needed to travel by taxi from the airport to Puerto del Rosario.

The airport can be navigated in various ways, including car rentals. Due to the best rates these rental companies provide, renting a car at New Paros Airport is a great idea.

Planning your transfer at New Paros Airport should consider all of these possibilities.

Another reminder is to keep all transactions at airports' ticketing, baggage, and transportation desks. Only contact them via their official phone numbers or email addresses if you want to make a reservation and avoid issues with your trip.

The most practical way to travel from New Paros Airport to your destination is to arrange transportation in advance.

Renting a car or taxi is a transportation option that will make it simpler for you to travel to and from the New Paros Airport and to explore the city while you're there than if you were to drive your own vehicle. The best time of year to visit Paros for hot-weather activities and more general outdoor tourist activities is from June to September.

Please take full advantage of the well-known Paros attractions like the Santorini Full-Day Boat Trip from Paros, Delos, and the Full-Day Boat Trip to Mykonos. Their coastlines are famous, as are the many fascinating cultural events you can visit.

Rental Car Service at New Paros Airport

Renting a car at PAS is strongly encouraged to conveniently explore the city. Within the boundaries of the airport, there are two car rental desks. You can make reservations using the airport's official phone number and website. If you want a quote or a special offer, booking before your flight is also a good idea. Vehicles can be ordered in advance or reserved right away at the rental car desks at the airport.

See and compare all rental car companies at New Paros Airport.

Taxis at New Paros Airport

From New Paros Airport, you can take a taxi to any location on the island of Paros by hailing one at the cab stand outside the exit gate. The availability of taxis is constrained, though. There is a taxi stand directly outside the arrivals area of the terminal. An airport-provided list of reputable and authorized taxi services is available.

Call one of the following numbers instead to schedule a pickup with a local driver: +30 694 413 8995, +30 694 422 1645, or +30 694 454 0556.

See more information about taxis at New Paros Airport.

Trains at New Paros Airport

The airport is on an island, so a particularly noteworthy train station is not nearby. Ports and ferries are available as transportation options, though. Additional information about train services near New Paros Airport.

Buses at New Paros Airport

Public bus routes of PAROS K.T.E.L. S.A. provide convenient access from the airport to numerous locations around the island. The airport serves as the terminal for two paths. One departs from Pounda and the other from Parikia, the island of Paros' capital. Buses to Parikia are also leaving the airport at the same time. Buses typically leave the airport every 30 minutes during the summer.

Direct ticket sales are available at the Parikia and Naoussa points of departure. However, several small stores and kiosks with corresponding signs also sell bus tickets. Parikia's central bus station is conveniently situated close to the port. Further information about buses to and from New Paros Airport.

Each and every bus boasts and provides free luggage space. It is best to inform the driver where you're going to ensure that the bus will stop there.

Hotel Shuttle Services at New Paros Airport

Numerous hotels in Paros offer shuttle services to/from the airport for their guests. Contact your lodging before you arrive to confirm the details and let them know you'll be there if the service is offered.

Rideshares​ at New Paros Airport

As of this writing, the airport doesn't have any rideshare stands. You could contact the airport's customer service to learn more about this.

Parking Services at New Paros Airport

You are guaranteed the best service at the New Paros Airport parking lot at the most affordable price. Easily accessible and only two minutes away from the parking lot is the terminal. Short-term, long-term, and accessible parking is available before the terminal. It can be accessed by the 70-space on-site parking and off-site parking facility nearby.

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