New Paros Airport Parking

Only 11.1 km separate New Paros Airport from Parikia, the island's capital. The precise GPS location is Paros, Aliki. The Greek Civil Aviation Authority is in charge of managing and operating airports.

You can get the best care at the New Paros Airport parking lot for the lowest possible price. It takes just two minutes to get to the terminal, which is conveniently close to the parking lot. It provides short-term, long-term, and accessible parking in front of the airport.

Buses, taxis, and rental cars are all options for transportation to and from Paros Airport. There are about 70 free parking spaces available right outside the airport terminal. It takes about 18 minutes to drive to or from Parikia; the bus takes 30 minutes.

Nearly a thousand parking spaces are available, all with CCTV, and accept payments via mobile devices at off-site parking facilities like park around. Whether you leave your car there for a few hours or several days, the parking areas near the airport offer dependable and reasonably priced parking lots that suit your needs.

The terminal has many parking spaces in front of arrivals, departures, and parking. There are both long-term and short-term parking spots available for people with disabilities. For PAS parking, the airport offers self-service payment options and online reservations.

New Paros Airport Parking

Address: 84400 Αliki, Paros, Greece

Phone: +30 22840- 90510

Disabled Parking at New Paros Airport

PAS ensures that people with a restricted range of motion can take advantage of all the benefits and features of the chosen parking options. It offers reserved parking spaces in the airport's parking garage.

The PAS offers services for the PRM and the disabled to make your stay before and after flying more comfortable.

The airport service includes meeting disabled passengers at the airport entrance and transferring them by wheelchair to the aircraft and vice versa, whether it is an arriving, departing, or transit flight. Airport-guided assistance includes assisting disabled travelers with their airport procedures, from arriving at the airport door to boarding the aircraft. Please let your airline know in advance if you plan to use this particular service.

Short-Term Parking at New Paros Airport

Parking at the Paros airport is reasonably priced and available for up to several hours. This covered parking is perfect for routine pick-ups and drop-offs of family members or friends. This choice is helpful, especially if you only need to park temporarily. This allows you to get to the terminal in two minutes or less. For your brief stay at the airport, select the location closest to the terminal's entrance. The entire airport parking lot is conveniently accessible. You can make a reservation online and get discounts or do business directly at the airport. Choose your New Paros Airport parking location in advance to avoid difficulty and stress on your travel day.

Long-Term Parking at New Paros Airport

At New Paros Airport, there are lots of great options for extended stays. If you need help finding a spot in the airport's parking lot, you can choose off-site parking, only 150 meters from the airport.

You can also trust the airport's off-site parking because it is well-run, monitored by CCTV, and has security personnel on duty. It is a gated space,

There are plenty of areas and spots for extended stays at parkaround's off-site parking facilities, which are located in contrast to other off-site car parks and accept payments by card in the parking lot. Child seats are available during transport.

The benefits of parking their vehicles are highly valued by visitors. Because the facility offers discounts when you book days before your departure, making an online reservation can also help you save money on long-term parking at the airport.

Parking Rates at New Paros Airport

Depending on how long you stay, parking prices vary. Parking in the terminal's parking lot should be free for the first few minutes. The following rates apply to parking at New Paros Airport:

  • Short-term parking rates at New Paros Airport



1 Day

Starts at €9.00

  • Long-term parking rates at New Paros Airport



4 days (with online booking)


7 days (with online booking)


You must obtain a ticket from the entry machine to enter the parking lot. You must always keep this parking ticket on you to avoid paying for lost tickets.

The arrival and departure halls both have several payment terminals. Both coins and notes in the euro are accepted, and the machines also provide change. Credit card payments can also be made at a payment counter inside the terminal.

You can make an immediate payment and reserve any parking space online. If you don't make a reservation online, you must pay at the parking lot exit. On the airport's website, you can find more details.

Parking Tips at New Paros Airport

  • You might be diverted onto a dirt road while driving in Paros to get to one of our beaches. It's essential to remember that most of them are two-way streets. So, go slowly, especially when making turns with poor visibility.
  • You can travel at your own pace and access the island's most remote areas with a car or motorcycle. Renting a car for your sightseeing excursions is an excellent idea if you don't have a car.
  • Google Maps or any other app can be used to locate the airport.
  • Ensure you have the necessary papers before departing. Your most important travel documents for PAS are your passport, visa, and identification card. Your child also requires a valid ID card or a passport.
  • Check-in starts an hour to two hours before departure, depending on the rules established by each airline. The screening counters dispersed throughout each terminal will have information about the check-in counters for a specific flight, so arrive early at the airport.

To reach the PAS information desk with inquiries or to learn more about parking services, please dial +30 22840- 90510. You can also inquire about using one of these parking options when leaving New Paros Airport.

Car Parks at New Paros Airport

Name Address Opening Hours On Airport Grounds
Paros-Choros Stathmefsis 844 00 Paros, Greece -

Map of Car Parks at New Paros Airport


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